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For versatile window cleaning services, contact Dream Cleaning


Dream Cleaning provides affordable and high-quality window cleaning services.


These services use highly specific agents, such as deionised water, to get a great shine from your windows while protecting their structural integrity and surrounding frames.

For safe and professional window cleaning services, contact Dream Cleaning

Conservatory Cleaning

We offer customer-focused and affordable conservatory cleaning services for clients in Dublin and surrounding counties like Kildare and Wicklow.


We use highly effective cleaning agents that clean your windows to a bright sheen, allowing sunlight to enter the conservatory without obstruction.


For professional conservatory cleaning, contact Dream Cleaning

UPVC Cleaning

We are professional UPVC cleaners, and we take great care when providing our typical window cleaning services.


We use specific and tailored cleaning agents that clean UPVC surfaces without damaging or altering their appearances during the process.


For professional UPVC cleaners, contact Dream Cleaning

Commercial Window Cleaning

We offer our window cleaning services to both domestic clients and commercial businesses.


Our commercial window cleaning services are reliable and quick, allowing you to get your windows cleaned to a high standard without sacrificing valuable business time.


For professional commercial window cleaning, contact Dream Cleaning

Window Cleaning FAQ

Where can I find window cleaning services near me?

Our window cleaning services available to customers in Wicklow, Kildare and Dublin.

What clients can avail of your window cleaning services?

We provide domestic window cleaning and commercial window cleaning services.

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