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For powerful and highly-effective power washing, contact Dream Cleaning


For the toughest stains and dirt, we offer a range of highly effective and powerful power washing services.


Our power washing equipment and agents have proven to be effective at cleaning up external surfaces and buildings that have large amounts of graffiti, stains, marks or other unwanted elements on their surfaces.

For powerful and professional power washing services, contact Dream Cleaning

Power Washing Driveways

We have a wide portfolio of power washing driveways for both commercial and domestic customers.


We have used water and precise temperature control to effectively clean driveways that have been soiled, as well as applying specific agents that can assist with keeping weeds away.


For reliable power washing of driveways, contact Dream Cleaning

Power Washing Patios

Our previous work on power washing patios has left our customers’ outdoor areas looking spotless and clean.


Our professional team of cleaners know how to effectively control our power washing equipment so that stains and dirt are removed without damaging the external surface of a patio.


For trustworthy patio power washing services, contact Dream Cleaning

Power Washing Concrete & Tarmac

We have experience with power washing all kinds of surfaces, including concrete and tarmac.


We have taken great care when washing these surfaces to ensure they retain a clean, consistent surface.


For professional power washing of tarmac and concrete, contact Dream Cleaning

Power Washing FAQ

What materials do you have experience power washing?

We have experience with power washing concrete and power washing tarmac.

Where can I find power washing services near me?

We offer highly effective power washing services to customers in Dublin, Kildare and Wicklow.

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