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For apartment cleaning for both landlords and tenants, contact Dream Cleaning


For both landlords and tenants, there needs to be a reliable contact for cleaning services that can quickly and effectively clean up rental properties such as apartments.


Dream Cleaning provides a responsive and reliable suite of cleaning services that promise to restore apartments to an ideal condition, suitable for living in.

For hygienic and extensive apartment cleaning, contact Dream Cleaning

End of Tenancy Cleaning

Dream Cleaning provides end of tenancy cleaning for landlords.


Our quick and reliable end of tenancy cleaning services take care of any mess or debris across bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms and more after tenants have left your property.


For reliable end of tenancy cleaning services, contact Dream Cleaning

Apartment Window Cleaning

We provide basic and regular apartment cleaning services such as apartment window cleaning.


We use powerful but specific agents to clean windows effectively. This makes sure tough stains and dirt are removed while protecting the integrity of your property’s windows and window frames.


For professional apartment window cleaning services, contact Dream Cleaning

Apartment Carpet Cleaning

Our apartment carpet cleaning services are thorough and effective and can be completed during or after a tenancy.


We use powerful agents that effectively remove dirt and debris from carpets without damaging or warping it in the process.


For trustworthy and reliable apartment carpet cleaning services, contact Dream Cleaning

Apartment Cleaning FAQ

Where can I find apartment cleaning near me?

Apartment cleaning services by Dream Cleaning is available to clients in Dublin, Kildare and Wicklow.

What types of apartment cleaning do you do?

We provide apartment carpet cleaning and apartment window cleaning.

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